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Prior to your housecleaning, your team leader will go over the details of your cleaning package with you. We will provide all the necessary cleaning supplies along with a team of professional housecleaners for one flat rate. Should you require our staff to take care of additional items, additional charges will apply above and beyond the proposed flat rate.

“Essentials Only” Cleaning Package

The Essentials Only Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that needs help with the “Essentials”. This affordable option concentrates service to address ALL floors and the Sanitary items in the Kitchen and the bathrooms of your home and can be performed on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis.

“Touch Up Regular Maintenance” Cleaning Package

The Touch Up Regular Maintenance Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that needs to just have the basics taken care of on a regular basis. This affordable option that typically compliments the Premium Maintenance Cleaning Package and can be performed on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis.
Our team will attend to your basic cleaning by Spot Cleaning/Dusting your homes reachable surfaces.

“Premium Regular Maintenance” Cleaning Package

The Premium Regular Maintenance Cleaning Package is the most common package designed for anyone that is just too busy to maintain their home on a regular basis. This service is our most detailed for people that require that little extra, it includes the same tasks as the Touch Up Maintenance and goes one step further by performing additional tasks such as, changing bed linens (when left out for us) washing/loading dishwasher, spot cleaning surfaces such as baseboards, trim work, interior windows, doors and cabinets. (Spot cleaning is best defined by actively cleaning any surface that may contain a few scuffs or be lightly dusty). This package can be performed on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis.


“Top to Bottom”
Deep Cleaning Package

The Top to Bottom Deep Cleaning Package is our most thorough cleaning service. This package is all about the details. Our team will attend to your cleaning scope of work by Cleaning/Dusting your homes reachable surfaces, Clean, Sanitize and Polish your fixtures and interior glass surfaces, Sweep, vacuum and/or mop all floor surfaces, General tidy up of items. It includes items such as baseboards, your homes trim work and doors, interior windows and blinds, light fixtures, cabinets and built-ins. Also, includes floors, tabletops, counters and appliances, Dusting is another big difference with this type of package by removing all items and dusting underneath the items located on your horizontal surfaces. You will pay one flat hourly rate that has no time limitations so pick up your feet, sit back and relax while the Top to Bottom Deep cleaning commences. When the team is done, your home will look and smell amazing.


“At Judith’s Cleaning, we pride ourselves in being able to take care of all the little extra’s.”

“Time Design” Cleaning Package

The Time Design Cleaning Package is for clients that require professional housecleaners to fit your scope of work. This cleaning should not be confused with our “Top to Bottom Deep Cleaning” Package but it is a substitute for anyone that does NOT require an extensive cleaning for their home. Services just occasionally for the budget minded customer. This package offers a fixed rate for designated blocks of time used to clean inside your home. The size of your home and the scope of work required to clean your home determines the Time which determines the price. Multiple blocks of time can be purchased. No time limit exists for this type of cleaning package and one flat hourly rate will be provided to you.

“Empty Home Move In/Out” Cleaning Package

The Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that needs to clean an empty home, apartment or condo after moving out or just before moving in. If a check list is provided by your home association for security deposit purposes, we can tailor the scope of work to match the list. All you’ll need to do is open the front door and our team will take care of the rest. With this type of cleaning package an estimated time frame not to exceed will be provided to you prior and you will be billed by the actual hours.


“This is an Ideal service to help get ready for the holiday season”

“Seasonal Open and Close” Cleaning Package

The Seasonal Open and Close Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone that wants their home ready to go before they arrive for seasonal living. We will open the windows and air out your home while our experienced team makes everything clean, fresh and just the way you like it ready for your Florida Winter Season. An estimated time frame not to exceed will be provided to you prior and you will be billed by the actual hours.

Window & Glass Door Cleaning

“Finger prints and the Florida weather are NO match for the Cleaning staff at Judith’s Cleaning Services.”
At Judith’s Cleaning Services, Our Professional Cleaning Teams Make sure the beautiful Florida Outdoors comes in full view.


Taking Care of Details

“Taking care of the details is what Judith’s Cleaning Services is known for”

Not only are the interiors impeccably taken care of. The teams at Judith’s Cleaning Services take the same pride with the exterior surfaces of your home or business.



“Judith’s Cleaning Services is not just for your home, but we take care of your business as well.”

Office Cleaning, large or small

  • Retail Store Cleaning
  • Rental Units
  • Showrooms
  • Community Centers
  • Community Club Houses

Give Judith’s Cleaning Services a call to set up a cleaning schedule for your space after hours or on weekends.



Judith’s Cleaning Services has a specialized team to handle any size construction project. Rough Progress Clean, Final Cleaning and Touch Up Maintenance Cleaning as well as “White Glove” touch up cleaning for the perfect first impression. Let Judith’s Cleaning Services take care of all the little details and put the finishing touch on your New Construction project or your New Renovation. We specialize in multi family and residential construction but are equally well versed with commercial and institutional project.

We are in receipt of Commercial and Construction Insurance coverage, licensure and AIA (American Institute of Architects) compliant payment application processing. We are set to accommodate ACH payments and construction scheduling and processing software. We maintain MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for our supplies and comply with contractors and construction companies OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as safety is our upmost concern. We are equipped to prepare and submit detailed estimates for all projects large and small to be used in portion as exhibits to contracts.