Frequently Asked Questions
Why should i do business with Judith's cleaning?
Judith’s Cleaning Services, Inc is a recognized and trusted name in Naples and the surrounding communities. Our Staff go through specialized one on one training with our staff supervisors. We would never sacrifice our integrity, honesty and the quality of our professional service.
Will the same team members clean my home?
Our goal is to keep the same team members for your appointments, however, circumstances such as sickness, holidays, family matters etc., could result in alternate team members to fill in in order to get the job done.
What are you hours of operation?
Our regular hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Special times may be arranged upon review, special circumstances and advanced scheduling.
What should I do before a cleaning appointment?
In order for your appointment to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, we would ask that you pick up personal items such as clothing and valuables and put them away. Should you have pets, for their safety and ours, please keep them out of the work areas and paths. This will help prevent accidents and injuries to them and our employees.
Do I need to provide cleaning supplies or any equipment?
We typically use our own cleaning supplies and equipment, however, if you prefer, we can use your cleaning supplies. Please let us know at the time you schedule your appointment.
Can we make arrangements for a cleaning appointment at a time when we are not home?
Yes. At the time you schedule your appointment or walk thru estimate, arrangements can be made for home watch access or key/code entrance to your home. We keep your mode of entry in a secure location with access to authorized staff only.
What happens if something brakes while you are cleaning?
At Judith’s Cleaning Services, Inc. every staff member is carefully trained to take the upmost care in handling your personal items and surfaces. But should our actions result in damage, Judith’s Cleaning Services, Inc. will notify you as soon as a situation arises to discuss how you would like the situation resolved. Judith’s Cleaning Services, Inc. is fully insured.
What about my pets?
Should you have pets, for their safety and ours, please keep them out of the work areas and paths of the team members. This will help prevent accidents and injuries to them as well as our employees. We love pets and they will be treated with love and respect.
Is your service guaranteed?
Yes, in fact we 110% guarantee that you will be satisfied with our cleaning. If you are not happy, we will come back and clean it for no additional cost.
Do you offer last minute cleaning appointments?
It depends on staff and appointment availability. We typically have a full schedule and recommend scheduling at least a week in advance. But, due to cancelations, change of plans and staff availability, occasionally appointment windows open up. You are welcome to call our office and inquire after available times.
Are you able to thoroughly clean my cooking area for Passover making it Kosher?
We perform a comprehensive house cleaning service which includes kitchens; however, we do not profess to comply with nutritional laws, regulations and certifications. In a case that you have specific directions for your cleaning team to follow, we will guarantee that our staff will meet your requests within reason and hourly billing will apply.
Is it possible to request your cleaning staff to clean up the yard around my house?
We do not provide yard cleaning. Exterior landscaping spaces or yard work would be typically performed by landscape experts. We provide deep cleaning within the house or office and upon request include hard surface areas such as Lanai’s, terraces, balconies and pool decks within lanai areas.
Can your maid cook?
Unfortunately, we do not offer cooking or chef services. Our house cleaning services is just for cleaning.