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Mark Jackson

"The products you are using to clean our home are owsome. My wife and I love coming home on cleaning days and smelling the wonderful scents all evening"

Bradley Park

"Judith's is fast, thorough,reliable and professional - They do a fantastic job at keeping my house in shape. I would like to get another house cleaning service next week"

Jessica Presley

"Its great to know that my house is in good hands. I love getting home to a nice, clean place and be able to trust the people that come into my place."

Frank Whashington

"You do a great job! My windows sparkle and my house smells great. My neighbor said he could see how clean they were from his house and is scheduling and appointment for a house cleaning service with you guys".

Susan Wylie

" It made me so happy to come home from vacation to a clean house. Judith and her assistant did such a great job I was ecstatic when I saw my house. I'm not here so much in summer time but before I come back each time I know i'm calling the best home cleaning company in Naples Florida: Judith's cleaning! "

Alexander Bush

"I needed to work at home and was on the internet and had a couple of calls. They wouldn't bother me whatsoever during that time. They are have a friendly personality. I felt confident with them in my residence. I was really doubtful just before this was done but right after looking at my place once the cleaning was completed, I am convinced this is our best approach to clean a house. I was also happy that the information they gave me in the estimate was exactly what I paid to have the job done. Judith's Cleaning has always exceeded my high expectations and I highly recommend them."

Jamie Richards

"We have a large amount of glass windows in our house, additionally entrance doors. All work was completed in about half a day, and done very nicely. My windows are so nice to look out of from inside, and the look great from the outside as well. They were very professional, clean, and prompt. They also did a great job on my furniture. I feel very strongly about promoting Judith's Cleaning as opposed to the large chains. thank you for the great experience. We will definitely call you back for your services. "

Marissa Mayer

"I am extremely particular about how precisely my home is cleaned and have been delighted with the personal service I have been provided with by Judith Velazquez. Many thanks for your company's prompt attention to our service needs. From your preliminary visit to our old and new home to the technicians that serviced our homes, to the front office personnel, we sincerely appreciate your attention to customer service. We very much appreciate the professionalism of the people in your company. We will use your company again and have already referred a friend to you."

Cindy Heart

"Thank you very much for all your team’s great work! I was impressed with your company, beginning with the detailed and project based quote provided by Jesus before he left my home. You delivered exactly what he promised. Our gleaming chocolate marble counters didn’t look this good originally! The floor grout once again matches the clean look on the walls. As I told you before, you should be very proud of your company and staff. They really care about the quality of their work. I recommend Judith to my neighbors often. "

Larry Walton

"I am very pleased with Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. Judith and her helpers did a very thorough job. It is such a pleasure to come home to a place that is clean from top to bottom. The towels, throw quilts, and toilet paper rolls are folded to give a special touch. The crew is also polite and considerate. "

Jacqueline Adelson

" I was very impressed by the prompt service I received from Judith's Cleaning services. They cleaned 2 sofa's, a love-seat, and recliner. These folks were courteous, friendly, and on time. Price was reasonable and fair. I would highly recommend their services and I plan on using them in the future. "

Jack Ballmer

" I was a little skeptical just before this was performed but after looking at the floors condition when the cleaning was completed, I am convinced this is our best approach to clean a House. They would clean and then ask me to verify with their supervisor before they would move to the next room. Judith and the crew cleaned very effectively and I highly recommend them. "

Laurene Schwarz

"Thank you very much for your house cleaning company's prompt attention to our service needs. We very much appreciate the professionalism of the entire chain of people in your company. From your initial visit to our old and new home to the cleaning technicians that serviced our residences, we sincerely appreciate your attention to customer service. We will use your company again and have already referred a friend to you. "

Michael Klatten

" Judith was very professional, yet friendly and helpful. He offered advice for making the carpet look the best it can be. Although we plan to move again, we will definitely ask Judith back to get the places he couldn't (under dressers, beds, etc.) and do the stellar job he did for us yesterday. The girls were very courteous and worked very efficiently and carefully. We will highly recommend your company. The team was very good, quick, efficient, and polite. They were respectful of my home and garden. The windows sparkle, much better service than my previous window cleaners. I would definitely use again. Thanks. "

Thomas Fridman

" We are always very pleased with the quality of work. Judith is incredibly proud of her work and should be, could not be better! The place is sparkling when she leaves. We've been using her just before Christmas so when our guests arrive they have a very clean, like new tile with no work on my part. I would not be able to duplicate his finished work. I used to spend days trying to clean the grout on my kitchen floor but now it's done in an hour and cleaner than I ever was able to even with specialized machines. Now, even the bathroom tub is sparkling, no soap scum or iron stains and no work on my part. "

Gina Rinehart

"My family has been very happy with Judith's Cleaning services; its employees are very professional. It's nice to have help from a company you can trust. They usually call after they have cleaned our house to make sure we are satisfied. They really care about the quality of their work. I recommend them to my neighbors often. Judith’s Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. has been cleaning our home for 2 years. "

Charlene Paulson

" I must tell you that I was very impressed by Judith's Cleaning Services crew. The ladies did not even slow down at any time during the day. I am very pleased with the "move in" clean up that I asked of you by filling out the form on the contact page. Thank you for a nice job and your professional approach. "

Amanda Wertheimer

" Judith's House Cleaning company does a very thorough job of cleaning. It feels wonderful to come home to the house after they have been there. Everything is spotless and treated respectfully. They are trustworthy and reliable. I am a long time employer of cleaning help, and I give them my highest recommendation. "

James S. White

" Judith I am very pleased to recommend your cleaning service in Naples. Your employees are pleasant, efficient, timely, and their cleaning work is excellent. As you know I am President of the Admiral's Watch Condominium Association. You have cleaned our four building common areas which include patios, garages, swimming areas, elevator cabs, entrance lobbies, and more. Each building has four residential units with 16 family units, Our residents are very particular about the cleaning in our facilities. Your company has had many positive compliments about your cleaning services in Naples . As President of the Association I can vouch for your excellent service. In addition you also clean several private units in our facility including mine. I am also very pleased with the quality of your cleaning service. Your services have also included post construction cleaning for several residents. As expected your services are excellent. Please us my name as a reference. "
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