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Our rug cleaning procedure is much like sending your rug to a spa! Regardless of whether we're cleaning a fragile, classic Asian or perhaps a fashionable area rug, our unique method securely and gently revives the colour, original appeal and beauty of your rug.

What separates Judith's Carpet and rug Cleaning in Naples Fl. from other rug cleaners is our special gear that securely and carefully gets rid of the huge amounts of soil trapped deep in rugs without abrasive scrubbing, severe chemicals or power treating that could harm fine rugs permanently.

We have been cleaning Asian rugs for more than 10 years here at Judith's Professional Carpet and rug Cleaning in Naples Fl. with extraordinary results!

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Due to the number of material & construction among Oriental Area Rugs, we'd prefer to discuss– and perhaps examine– your area rug ahead of time. Call so we can offer much more details on our cleaning process & delivery process.

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Have a Much Healthier Residence with our Sanitizing and Deodorizing Carpet and Rugs Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. Well-maintained upholstery, carpets and rugs help make sure a healthy house atmosphere by reducing the quantity of dirt and irritants that can be found. Your Carpet Cleaner Technician expert can put on a unique carpet deodorizer and sanitizer to reduce unhealthy bacteria in your carpets. Demand the Healthy House Package deal, consisting of our sanitizer and deodorizer formula, for your next cleaning appointment.

To efficiently thoroughly clean area rugs, we initially get rid of all dirt and loose grime, and move forward by spraying higher pressure soap to loosen and suspend dirt and stains. The area rugs are then carefully scrubbed with additional emulsifiers before heading through a triple rinse system to rinse out all existing dirt.

Then last step in our process is to clean all fringes by hand (to maximize their original colors), brush out the fringes to remove any tangles, and then to vacuum all rugs to ensure that no loose dirt or hair was left in the fibers. At Judith's Carpet and Rugs Cleaning in Naples Fl., we take pride in our system and are proud to be the biggest and best at what we do.

Having a pet may extend your life, but not the life of your area rugs. Puppies, in their teething stages, are well-known to trigger major damage to fine area rugs. Training your puppy dog will help avoid damage, however a dropping of moth flakes underneath the ends of the rug will help your pup keep his distance!

De-clawed cats can leave animal stains on many surfaces, however kittens and cats that still have their claws really like to sharpen them with your fine area rug. With dogs and cats, the best way to keep your fine area rug pet free is training. From time to time a simple squirt from a normal water gun is the best way to keep your cat off your fine area rug. (Remember not to get your area rug wet in order to avoid water damage!)

Sunlight Damage

Even though it's not good to maintain your high-quality area rug in a damp, dark location, too much sun rays will trigger the amazing colors of your rug to fade. To avoid sun damage, try utilizing sheer drapes to dissipate sunlight, or keep the rug out of direct sunlight.

Protect Your Fine Area Rugs

Wear and tear is inevitable on any surface, but the best way to keep your fine area rug in top notch condition is constant attention. Check out your rug often for signs of damage, and be sure to switch your area rug often to even out everyday wear and tear, sun fading, and other unavoidable hazards of life.



Rug cleaning can boost the appearance of your property or home and also improve the lifetime of your carpet, but even more important it brings enormous health benefits to your home. The American Lung Association recommends people to vacuum thoroughly clean their rugs or carpets at least three occasions per week particularly if any member of your family has a history of breathing issues or has shown asthma suffering signs. It is usually recommended that you have Judith's Carpet and rug cleaning in Naples Fl. clean you carpets and rugs from time to time. We understand how to gently and efficiently clean rugs of all kinds. You won't find better prices or more superior service in Collier County.

Our rug cleaning is performed manually, not inside a commercial wash ditch like our competitors where rug right after rug is cleaned in the same dirty water. The essential steps are: Inspection, Dirt Removal, Pre-Treatment and Cleaning. Then we rinse, dry, final examine and deliver. Our rug cleaning procedure is ideal for the entire elimination of pet scents caused by pet urine in addition to animal hair and body oils. This distinctive treatment breaks down the pet oils and also the urine crystals and odor causing bacteria that feed on them, neutralizing the odor. Area rug cleaning is an important part of maintaining the beauty of your rug.

Each kind of rug is cleaned using a different strategy - no matter whether we are performing an oriental rug cleaning or a different kind of area rug cleaning, we are experienced on the right combination of tools, cleaners and spot removers to use. We have a pick-up and delivery assistance for cleaning your rugs, Proper care of your area rug can greatly increase the life of the rug. At Judith's Carpet and rugs cleaning in Naples Fl. we offer the rigorous attention to detail that good area rug cleaning requires. Judith's Carpet and Rug Cleaning understands that all rug cleaning situations are different. It takes a thorough analysis of your rug, noting every detail of it from the type of the material to the type of duty and stain. Judith's carpet and rug cleaning determines just what is the very best cleaning solution for what works as well as what brush to work with exactly where, what kind of scrub is need for what materials and then incorporate each one of these factors with the state of the art technology that the company has to offer.


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