frequent asked questions

Why should i do business with Judith's cleaning ?

Judith's Cleaning Inc. is a recognized and trusted name in Naples, Fl. Employees are screened. New workers must go throgh specialized one-on-one cleaning training with Judith Velazquez. We would never sacrifice our integrity , honesty and quality of our proffesional service.

Will the same team member usually clean my place?

Our goal is to have the same team elements clean your place everytime. However, circumstances like sickness, holidays, accidents, family matters, etc, could cause a back up team element to go to your place in order to get the job done.

What are your ours of operation?

Our regular ours are : Monday to saturday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

What should i do before a cleaning service?

In order to provide you with a top quality cleaning service, you could help us by picking up personal clothing and other household items.

Do i need to provide cleaning supplies or any equipment?

we use our own cleaning supplies and equipment, However if you preffered we use your cleaning supplies we would be very pleased to accommodate your request.

How can we make arrangements for a cleaning service at a time when i'm not home?

We'll make arrangements before to get acces to your place.

What happens if something brakes while you are cleaning?

At judith' cleaning every employee is carefully trained to know to avoid breakage or damage while they are performing a cleaning service, however if anything is damaged by our staff, we will let you know as soon as posible and reimburst you for the damaged item.

How do you take care of my key?

Your key is placed in a safety box and Judith is the only person who can open it and also the keys are identified with only a number not the name and adress.

What about my pets?

We love pets and they will be treated with love and respect.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes, in fact we 110% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your cleaning. If you are not happy we will come back and clean it for no additional cost.

Do you offer last minute cleanings?

It depends on availability. We get booked rather quickly and recommend scheduling at least a week in advance. You are welcomed to call us to ask if we have any open slots the next day.

Will probably be your housekeeping service okay cleaning my snake cages?

That's a big no! Unfortunately we cannot clean animals, but if the pet made a mess of the residence we will clean the house.

Are you able to thoroughly clean my cooking area for Passover making it kosher?

We are able to perform a comprehensive house cleaning services of any kitchen; however, we do not become involved in nutritional laws, regulations and certifications. In case you have specific principles and directions for the group to follow along with, we will guarantee that people fulfill your targets.

Is it possible to thoroughly clean also clean up a fence around my house?

We provide deep cleansing within the house or office and never the exterior landscaping or fence. Typically, this is performed by somebody that are experts in press cleaning, staining and painting fences.


Can your maid cook?

Unfortunately we really do not offer cooking food solutions. Our house cleaning services is just for cleaning.



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