free cleaning tips TO SAVE MONEY on housekeeping and maid services.

Nowdays everybody has a computer at home or a little office. Cleaning your computer is important in a good house cleaning service.

It is important that you get your computer equipment clean periodically to ensure that it will function properly and have a long life. When you clean your computer equipment you not only improve the physical appearance, but you prolong the life of the pc. The computer cleaning process should take you around 15 minutes to complete.



Usefull Cleaning Tips :

  • SCREEN : Mix 1/3 of iso-propyl alcohol 70% whith 2/3 of distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on a piece of microfiber cloth and gently clean the screen and the computer case and any peripheral. Please DO NOT spray directly on the screen.
  • KEYBOARD : Turn your keyboard upside down and blow it with a can of compressed air, then wipe it with your cloth and spray solution.
  • MOUSE : Yo can do the same thing on your mouse.

  • COMPUTER CASE : Take a screw driver and remove the side panel of the case. Blow it with compressed but take it easy on the processor. Now put back the side panel, then clean the outside with your piece of cloth and spray solution.
  • OPTICAL DRIVE : To clean your optical drive's laser cleaner disc and follow the manufacturer instructios.
  • PERIPHERALS: You can do the same thing on your printer and scanner.

  • Hard drive (c:) : To keep clean your hard drive i recommend downloading the free version of CCLEANER.

Unscrew or unlatch your PC’s case and use a can of compressed air to blow any accumulated dust from the motherboard, adapter cards, and cables. If allowed to accumulate, that dust can act as a heat-retaining blanket over your PC’s circuitry, and overheated components have a significantly shorter lifespan. Remove dust that’s settled on the fan blades. Speaking of fans, use your compressed air to get rid of any additional dust on fan blades and within air intake holes.

To properly ventilate and cool your PC, these openings need to be free of dust bunnies. Wipe down your PC’s case and your monitor with a clean, dry cloth every few months.
You should never use any household solvents to clean your PC’s case, but antistatic cleaning solutions and cloths are made just for cleaning computer hardware, like the ones shown in this figure. While you've got the case open, you'll notice dust in other places. We've seen computer interiors absolutely caked from top to bottom.

If yours is, you might be tempted to stick a vacuum-cleaner hose inside and suck out the dust. *** Don't ***. Vacuums create static electricity, which is deadly to sensitive electronic components.
On that same note, don't be tempted to reverse the flow of your vacuum and blow the dust out of the pc. The dust inside a household vacuum can be harmful to your health, and you'll be spreading it all over your PC. Also, you risk blowing out sizable particles, which could physically damage internal components, especially if you're using a workshop vacuum. The beauty of compressed air is that it's clean and particle-free.

Before you start blasting, unplug your computer and take it outside. Now, working from the top down, blow out all that dust. (Put on a dust mask or cover your face.) As with the fans, be sure to spray air in short bursts, keeping the can upright and the tube at least a couple of inches from the hardware.

Don' forget to check all the cables and plugs inside your PC. Make sure they're fastened securely and that you haven't knocked anything loose during this cleaning proces.

Cleaning your computer equipment is important in the housekeeping prosess.