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Carpet upholstery cleaning, refinishing wood floors and everything in between, Judith's Carpet Cleaning in Naples Fl. is the professional Carpet Cleaning team that more people in Naples Fl. and Bonita Springs, call when they require Carpet and Rugs scrubbed clean.

We've developed a reputation throughout Collier County and Bonita Springs for delivering dependable, professional, extensive atmosphere friendly carpet cleaning (eco-friendly) service from the second we show up on site to give you a totally free estimate to the instant the job is complete.

Whether you clean your residence or business office yourself or employ a cleaner to do it for you, the vacuum and dirt cloth only pick up and eliminate a small portion of the filth, dirt, bacteria and body oils that are settled on your carpets, rugs, upholstery and pieces of furniture. To enhance the visual appeal and prolong the life of your interior dressings, call on Judith's Carpet Cleaning with total confidence that they've received the knowledge and the gear to take care of all your company and residence cleaning demands.

Powerful and Green

The well-mannered, competent licensed, & insured staff at Judith's Carpet Cleaning in Naples uses only state-of-the-art specialized carpet cleaning equipment. We use brand new and expensive ultra powerful carpet shampoo equipment, heavy duty steam cleaners which enhance carpet cleaning health via the use of shampoo rather than harmful chemicals and detergents.

Judith's Carpet Cleaning services partners this super strength cleaning method with natural cleaning product from an unique carpet cleaning provide for a extremely effective, eco-friendly carpet cleaning experience. Although it's true that Judith's Carpet Cleaning can't eliminate Naples humidity problems, but at least they do their very best not to add to it.

While we're on the matter of atmosphere quality, specialist commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can in fact enhance your interior atmosphere high quality by minimizing dust, dirt and bacteria build-up from textiles, fibers and air ducts. Frequently scheduled cleaning sessions are an important component of any routine developed to control allergies & asthma.

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Appropriate maintenance will preserve your carpets and household furniture in service for a longer time. Shown below are some valuable tips for carpet cleaning to assist you make preserve your interior in shape among visits from a specialist cleaning crew.

Place a compact rug or front door mat at the entry ways to your property and motivate visitors to use it. Most of the dust will essentially stay there, rather than being transported onto your floor coverings via your shoes.

Move pieces of furniture - even a little - each and every time you clean. This will avoid extreme wear in any one place and also make it possible for greater access for cleaning.

Another precious cleaning tip is one you've most likely heard before: take care of a spill as soon as it happens to prevent everlasting staining. Begin by choosing solid matter and then pressing a clean, absorbent fabric or paper hand towel on the spot in question and gently soaking up as much as the offending liquid as possible. Never rub, you'll only work the compound further into your carpet or upholstery fabric. In most cases, plain water or a simple solution of water and baking powder, will remove any discoloration.
If the spill has already dried out and you are faced with the task of cleaning carpet stain try applying a paste made of baking soda and water or laundry detergent and water. Let it dry completely, then brush and hoover. If the spot is very consistent, try out a commercial stain removal product. Be sure to test stain treatments - domestic or store bought, before applying to large portions of your carpet.


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Our residue-free-hot-water-extraction cleaning method is liked by carpet producers. We pull all of the dirt, fine sand, grit and grime out of your carpet with a super charged trademarked overlap carpet-cleaning technique along with a residue-free cleaning solution. This deep-down carpet cleaning enables your carpet to remain appearing clean for a longer time. We do the disinfecting and smelling good of carpets and rugs to eliminate all of the bacteria, the insects and then leave a new refreshing fruit fragrance. We Perform the pre-spraying, pre-spotting, and pre-stain treatment of your trouble blots. We utilize a color-brightener solution to bring all of the shades bright.

Our experienced and recognized Naples Fl. carpet cleaning companies work together with you after planned arrival to ensure you that all your particular requirements are met. The process begins once our technicians have analyzed the needs you have. We take good care of every little thing for you. There’s almost no preparation necessary to prepare for the cleaning. Usually, there is no need to hoover before we come. We vacuum as we are cleaning. While we do move most furnishings, we will work around pieces which are too heavy to be supported by our blocks and pads or pieces which you ask for we don’t move.

We have been ranked number 1 by our clients for carpet cleaning in Naples Fl. and Bonita Springs . No other carpet cleaners can compare to our home carpet cleaning in Naples when it comes to quality or cost. We are the Best Carpet cleaning professionals in Naples, and we are viewed as the region’s finest carpet cleaner value.

We on top of that supply commercial carpet cleaning and commercial professional shampoo cleaning at an cost-effective price. Next time you see our carpet-cleaning vehicle in your community, stop and speak with one of our carpet cleaners or give us a call so we can respond to any of your cleaning questions.

We moreover offer you furnishings cleaning and professional upholstery cleaning, specializing in micro-fiber upholstery cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning prices can not be matched. Our specialized methods for upholstery cleaning have been featured in several business articles for notable results on couch cleaning, chair cleaning, and other upholstery furniture pieces as well.

Afraid to lay down on your carpet? We live on our carpets. You cannot find any better area for loved ones get-togethers, curling up with a great book, or perhaps a Sunday evening nap. You Shouldn't need to panic about the harmful chemicals left out by carpet cleaning. You can rest assured that security, purity, and soft qualities are the key points of our cleaning products. The Natural is safe for your entire family--including your pets.

Judith's Carpet Cleaning in Naples Fl. specialist technicians can get rid of nearly any stain. Equipped with an arsenal of the industry's greatest stain-removal items and applications, we can eliminate, or reduce all kinds of spots.

Your very best opportunity for getting rid of a stain is as fast as possible right after the spot is made. The longer a stain sits on the carpet or upholstery, the harder it will become to take out. While many spills can be taken off, some demand sophisticated technical expertise and professional cleaning solutions.

Our service provider will give you recommendations on how best to keep the cleanliness of the carpeting and add you to our expanding listing of a large number of happy clients, when your carpet cleaning is finished.

The cleanliness of your carpets and rugs, upholstery and tile is 100% GUARANTEED!

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