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Not everything that goes down in your bathroom is pretty. When it’s time to clean that room, you need to get serious, and you need methods that work.

Join us in our quest: Let us take dirt off your hands! .

  • Drop a couple of baking soda spouns into the toilet bowl and let the bubbles do their magic. Toss used towels in a pile outside the door; stash odds and ends in drawers or a basket. Get rid of melty soap bars and lingering chips.

  • Spray mirrors with glass cleaner and rub in circles with the cloth. Then run a wipe over the vanity and the sink to pick up rogue hairs, powder, and toothpaste.
  • With a fresh wipe, clean the top of the toilet tank, the flusher handle, and the lid. Use a new wipe for the top and the bottom of the seat and the lip of the bowl—in that order. Take one more wipe and do the base of the toilet and the floor around it. Now, swish water around the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush and flush. Using another wipe, clean the vents and the baseboards.

  • White vinegar isn't just a staple for the kitchen cupboards and pantry, it's a safe and natural alternative to the harsh chemicals found in many bathroom cleaning solutions as well. Vinegar can clean nearly every area of your bathroom, from toilet bowls to counter tops to mirrors and shower stalls. It's excellent for removing soap scum and cleaning mirrors and glass, which make it a natural go-to green product for cleaning your bathroom.

  • Mix two tablespoons vinegar with one teaspoon of salt. Dip a damp sponge in this solution and use it to scrub soap and lime buildup from faucets, the base of faucet handles, and the spigots in the shower or tub. Wipe the metal off with a damp clean sponge if any salt is left intact.

  • Drain the tub, then spray an antibacterial cleaner on tile walls, tub, counters, sink, toilet and floor. Work from top to bottom, starting at the top of shower walls, and spraying down to the tub and inside the toilet bowl.

  • From toothpaste dribbles to overspray from hair products, the lowly sink endures a daily barrage of dirt and grime. Keep it sparkling back at you with regular cleaning.
  • A detachable showerhead allows you to rinse off cleaner quickly and cleanly. If you don't have one, stock your cleaning tote with a removable rubber showerhead that attaches to the bathtub tap. Commonly used for shampooing hair or bathing pets, they're inexpensive and make it easier to rinse tub and shower walls after you clean.
  • Soap scum, bath oil, hair products and body soil combine forces to assault the shining surface of the shower and tub, while tub rims, fixtures and faucets provide hiding places for moisture, mold and mildew. Put the job off and deposits harden and ossify, and mildew and mold take up residence in dark corners. Harness time and cleaning power to make short work of cleaning the shower and tub.

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 Cast-iron is traditionally covered with a porcelain enamel that's fused to cast-iron in a furnace. While porcelain is a highly durable surface, it's susceptible to chips, cracking and dulling of the finish. If you use the wrong products, you will accelerate the degradation of the surface, so let's begin by talking about what not to use. Abrasive cleaners such as scouring powders, white vinegar (or other cleaners with a high acidic content), and steel wool should all be avoided, as they can damage the finish.To get a great house cleaning service in Naples Fl. and for the best results, always start with the gentlest cleaner and work your way up to more powerful applications. Remember, proper care will simplify ongoing maintenance.

 As a last resort, mainly for tough-to-remove rust stains, cover the stain with table salt. Take half of a lemon and squeeze the juice over the salt. (I have also heard cream of tartar and lemon juice works, but have never tried it). Scrub the salt/lemon mixture with a clean cloth or a nylon sponge. If the stain still doesn't come up, leave the paste-mixture on the stain for an hour or so. Squeeze more lemon juice on the stain and try scrubbing the stain again, then rinse and wipe clean.

To add shine and a protective coating, squeeze a small amount of lemon oil onto a clean rag and rub the lemon oil into the sides of the porcelain bathtub or sink, avoiding the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping. The lemon oil will help repel soap scum and other dirt to keep the sink/tub clean longer, and it smells good, too!




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