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We believe that a clean house is a happy house

but we know it can sometimes be hard for you to find time to do House cleaning among all of life's other responsibilities. Between work, school, helping kids with homework, and cooking dinner, the cleanliness and upkeep of your home can get neglected. Judith's cleaning is the best House Cleaning Service in Naples Florida and Bonita Springs, let us do the cleaning for you, so you have time for more important things, like enjoying hobbies or spending time with your family. With our cleaning services at your disposal, you can save time and take one more thing off your to-do list for good, so you can focus on all of the most important aspects of your life.

This are the services that our House Cleaning agency in Naples Fl. offers:















It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to get a House cleaning service to keep your residence or workplace clean.

At Judith's House Cleaning our cleaning services are priced right to fit your budget. Whether you are planning to clean on a scheduled basis or one time only, Judith's House Cleaning services has the most affordable House Cleaning rates in the Naples area. For a reasonable price, you can have your property cleaned by top-notch cleaning professionals.

Whenever you call us, you’re dealing straight with Judith Velazquez owner of the enterprise, not a nationwide, franchise or referral service such as the other cleaning service providers in Florida.

We have happily served Collier County and Bonita Springs and surrounding neighborhoods since 1995.

Today, our world moves so fast and instant communication makes disconnecting nearly impossible. In the mix of this modern digital life, some things never change - your house still needs to be cleaned. The constant flow of life continuously disturbs even the most organized and clean spaces. Many people just cannot take the time to clean their homes or simply do not know how or where to start. Our goal is to make this process simple and easy for people to hire a cleaning service to get the job done right.

Every home is different and so are the people that live there, therefore house cleaning services must be adaptable to those differences. At Judith's Cleaning we offer professional housekeeping services that are perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes. Our professionalism and excellent customer service impresses even the most exacting clients. Are your clothes scattered around the house, dishes sitting in the sink, scum on the tub, dust taking a life of its own, or bad odors starting to bother you, then our maid service is just what you need.

When we perform one of our House cleaning services in Naples your total satisfaction is our guarantee.

and our customer care has gained us top rankings from the Better Business Bureau and Tremendous Services prizes from Angie’s List. If you are not completely pleased with our work, we will set up to re-clean your house the very next day at no additional cost.

At Judith's House Cleaning, there exists a group of expert service professionals who care about your peace of mind. The cornerstones of our business are high quality work, integrity, and sincerity. Our regard also reaches protecting the environment: Judith's House Cleaning utilizes only Eco-friendly solutions.

If you are looking for a dependable House Cleaning Service, you are in the right place!

We are the best House and Commercial Cleaning company in Naples Florida. Member of the chamber of commerce.

Homeowners enjoy working with Judith's House Cleaning Service for many reasons. Company employees undergo a stringent background check and can be trusted to be safe and honest. Employees are trained and know how to clean various surfaces to perfection without causing damage. What is more, our team works well together, ensuring that all residential cleaning jobs are completed in a timely manner. We can handle a wide range of tasks, offer discounts for those who need regular cleaning services and never hold homeowners accountable for mishaps that may occur on the job.


Homeowners enjoy working with Judith's House Cleaning Service in Naples for many reasons.

We know that every house atmosphere is unique,and thus is every property owner. We don't play one single cleaning way for every person, simply because we all know that not everyone matches exactly the same mold. We assist your household to evaluate your space, talk about your requirements and desires, and determine a tailor made housekeeping strategy developed only for you. Go ahead and inform us your requirements, desires, and concerns, and rest easy knowing that we will take care of the rest and work hard to clean your home according to your exact specifications. Just show how frequently you would like us to clean, and we'll be there to help whenever.


A good house cleaning service begins with good individuals and Judith's Maid services has been constructing that organization of good people since 1995.

We are really not content with our house cleaning services unless you are! To ensure the maximum level of housekeeping service, we employ quality control applications including onsite inspections. We continuously keep track of our work and really should any spot neglect to fulfill our strict housekeeping specifications, it'll be fixed instantly. And of course, we always encourage client communication and make use of your input to heighten our level of house cleaning. In present-day descriptive, "maid" is a female doing work in household service.

Our House Cleaning Services in Naples are available anytime to work around your schedule. We know that everyone has their own schedule and preference.

At Judith’s House Cleaning Service we value integrity and hard work. Our golden rule is:  “A clean house is a healthy house”. With us, house cleaning will no longer be something you have to do in the evenings, or on the weekends.

The Best House Cleaning Services in Naples Florida

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Established in 1995


Looking holafor House Cleaning Services in Naples?
We take pride in being the best House cleaning service company and carpet cleaning in Naples and Bonita Springs.

While there are many other Home Cleaning Services Companies in Naples, Florida, Judith's House Cleaning Services tops the competition for several reasons.

To start with, all employees are screened and trained. This ensures that the people who come to clean your home and/or office are honest, trustworthy and know what they are doing. Our training program not only covers basic information such as how to clean different types of rugs and which cleaners to use for wood, glass, platsic, etc. but also important points such as treating animals in the home with respect and consideration and ensuring that nothing is broken or damaged in the cleaning process. (In the event that one or more of your belongings are inadvertently damaged, Judith's Cleaning Service will provide full reimbursement)

We provide services from Monday to Saturday (8:00 am to 7:00 pm), making it easy for you to schedule a cleaning job at a time that is convenient for you. We do not require home or business owners to be present at the time of the cleaning, but you are welcome to stay if you wish. If you do trust us to clean your home or business premises without your supervision, we will take utmost precautions to ensure that your key is kept safe at all times. In fact, all keys that we hold are placed in a numbered box. This box cannot be opened by anyone besides the business owner and your name and address is kept in a secure location to ensure that others are not able to identify where a particular key has come from.

So, regardless of whether you need carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, spot dying, or other things, we're right here to assist you! Just contact us and tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of everything. In the meantime, feel free to browse our website, and find out more about the services and special deals we offer. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples with any questions or concerns.

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We at Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. build human relationships with our clients so they come back and refer us all the time.

We make sure our very skilled specialists perform the work properly and inspect the job so you obtain excellent carpet cleaning services from us. Our work includes a 100% guarantee and if you're unhappy with our work we will thoroughly clean unsatisfactory areas of your carpeting once again, absolutely free. We work to make sure that you're entirely satisfied with our work.

Our objective is to preserve long-term relationships with our clientele by exceeding their expectations. If you searching for maid and House Cleaning Service in Naples Florida please consider us to handle all your House Cleaning demands.

We want you to be part of our customer club!

At Judith's House Cleaning we feel a clean residence is a comfortable residence!

We started out our service to assist occupied individuals like you maintain your home and workplace a place exactly where you need to spend time. Keeping a state of hygiene in your environment can be a continuous task, so we wanted to make it simple to find a House Cleaning Service in Naples you can trust to execute a comprehensive job every time. We are careful to safeguard our shared environment by utilizing Eco-friendly products and processes.

Every House cleaning service is really as crucial to us as it is to you!

Every job is really as crucial to us as it is to you! Quality and completeness at huge discounts are the cornerstones to Judith's House Cleaning. We provide a variety of cleaning providers to deal with almost any cleaning task. Our service specialists are pleased to assist in maintaining your residence be the clean place you would like it to be.

We are a Naples maids services supplier and also have over the years of experience in making certain your house is clean and comfortable. Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind and also to conserve them valuable time and money by offering pre-screened and background-checked. All our maids are skilled and they are committed to supplying the very best quality House cleaning services at a extremely competitive rate.


Substantial franchise House cleaning services in Naples companies could possibly be numerous,

however they can't provide your residence the attention and care it should get. A franchise House cleaning services company also has a great number of workers, that it's not possible to allow them to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with yourself and your family. That's why it's wise to choose a small Maid service company in Naples like us. We attempt to get to know you as well as your house very well, so that we are able to supply a level of detail and care within our Maid Services in Naples that you won't manage to find anywhere else.

Our House cleaning services business is more than just a business. We attempt to go beyond your expectations by providing incredibly in depth and personalized Maid Services in Naples. Hopefully to create long-term, mutually beneficial human relationships with all of our clients by taking care of their housekeeping needs efficiently and quickly. We are going to do everything within our power to make your household pleased in order that you are satisfied enough with our work mentality to go to us for your cleaning requirements again and again.


Individual cleaners, or maids in Naples, typically charge cheaper prices for house cleaning services. This is simply not always true,

however, so meeting several people and keep an open mind until you have details concerning price, cleaning done and experience with the cleaner. Residential cleaning providers cost a little more as a result of elevated expenses of running a company, but they may also supply much more trustworthiness and make the responsibility of verification and training the people entering your home. So at the end of the day you get more for your money.

With Judith’s House Cleaning Services in Naples, you will have everything to gain and nothing to lose guaranteed.

Each group is supervised by a team leader who is responsible to make certain that the cleaning service is completed to your satisfaction. Each and every associate of the staff also signs off on a “check sheet” right after each job. Additionally we occasionally follow-up to make sure you are delighted by your House Cleaning Service. Quality is our #1 priority!

Every House Cleaning Service is really as important to us as it is to you personally! Top quality and completeness at competitive rates are the cornerstones to Judith's Remodeling Cleaning Services .

Judith's House Cleaning Services currently employs much more skilled and experienced cleaners to cover most of Collier County. We will be expanding into Marco Island and San Carlos Park to clean homes, offices schools, banks, churches, cinemas, restaurants, clinics, hotels, motels, hospitals, malls, commercial and industrial complex, etc.

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our challenge is to exceed your expectations

Judith's House Cleaning Services is very professional.

We are a local cleaning organization situated in Naples Florida with an excellent reputation. We have been providing superior residential, commercial and construction cleaning services in Collier county and Bonita Springs since 1995. Your Home or business will be preserved in prime condition with us delivering our Home Cleaning Services in Naples Fl.

We are enthusiastic that you are considering Judith's House Cleaning as your cleaning solutions in Naples. Companies of every size trust our Cleaning Company for their most demanding cleaning needs. Our Cleaning business has fully understood the unique qualities of Naples for over 20 years.

Judith Velazquez (founder and owner) serves our clients as if they were family members. We offer customized service programs, affordable rates, and  friendly customer based service. For that reason, Judith's Cleaning Service Inc. provides the best home and office maintenance services in Naples Fl. Collier county and Bonita Springs.

When it comes to quality House Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. and Bonita Springs, Judith's Maid Service in Naples is the best option for all of your cleaning services needs.

Choosing a trustworthy, professional cleaning company that provides extensive cleaning services at an affordable price does involve some amount of research. While there are a variety of cleaning companies in Naples, not all of them are in a position to supply outstanding cleaning services that you can be proud of. At Judith's House Cleaning Services, you can look forward to thorough cleaning services at affordable competitive prices. Look no further than Judith's Professional Cleaning in Naples for all of your cleaning projects. No matter how small or big Judith's Cleaning services will help you acquire a clean environment.

Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples is very well-known due to the wide selection of cleaning services they offer.

Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples is very well-known due to the wide selection of cleaning services they offer. These cleaning services include cleaning apartments and model homes as well as regularly scheduled cleaning of workplaces and houses on a weekly or-bi-weekly basis. Maybe you are preparing for the change of the seasons and simply want to clean up your home. Judith's Cleaning services has one time deep cleaning packages as well. You don’t have to spend a lot of unnecessary time cleaning when an experienced cleaning company such as Judith's Cleaning can assist you obtain the spotless environment you desire.

Please have a second to learn more about us and our House Cleaning Services. When you are prepared to discover how convenient, affordable and time-saving House Cleaning Services in Naples could be, take a look at our special deals for new clients and contact us for a free estimate.

We offer a 100% guarantee and if you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back to your home to clean until you are completely satisfied. We believe in two-way communication between us and our clients and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service at all times.

house cleaning naples

In our House cleaning services company in Naples we have industrial-grade clean-up gear to clean your property.

One of the methods where a Housekeeping service company keeps your property looking its greatest is to apply industrial-grade clean-up gear to clean your property. This kind of equipment includes heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, carpet steamers, and industrial-strength cleaning chemical substances which are a lot more efficient at cleaning your home than traditional tools you can purchase yourself. This heavy-duty gear in the end guarantees your house appears its absolute best and is spotless.

We do not recommend that you just let anyone into your home or comemercial property to start cleaning. Judith's Cleaning has a stellar reputation for providing the finest cleaning in a timely manner while following the instructions for each job. Every property has those hidden areas that must be attacked well and heavily cleaned. Judith's Cleaning does not look for the easy way out or look the other way when tackling a new job.

You’re too active to organize your schedule around another person's time, and Judith's Home Cleaning is here to help! Our dedicated cleaners are planned around your time. Our versatile scheduling and convenient hours make preparing your next cleaning assistance simple. Call or click Get a Free Estimate today!


Whether you use our House cleaning services in Naples for a residential or commercial house,

we will help you sustain your house in order that it remains high in value. Frequent cleaning and servicing will not only help keep the environment within a building healthy and risk-free, it may also help preserve property value. By taking advantage of our solutions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you can make sure that your place or business office retains its value in case you ever need to sell, rent, or refinance. We'll arrived at thoroughly clean frequently before grime can set in.

You'll need a program that takes some everyday tension out of your shoulders-that is the reason why we meticulously pre-screen and substantially educate each of our crew players: from customer support basics to special specifics how to deal with delicate floors, art pieces or antiques. And if it takes place you're not totally delighted with the service please, let us know! We will be back very quickly to re-clean at no cost by any means.

In addition to House cleaning services, we also offer janitorial services for offices or other commercial locations. In case you operate an office building, a store, or another kind of business, we can assist you to maintain your place of business clean. Your workers are going to be more happy and more efficient if their workspace is clean, so we can assist you to make that happen level of cleanliness quickly and easily. We'll work together with you to maintain your workplace hygienic and safe.

We believe that you simply deserve the optimum and most comfortable home surroundings and Judith's House Cleaning Services in Naples Fl. will make sure you have it.

If you simply can't do everything on your own, you will find continuously affordable options. You might wish to take into consideration a House Cleaning Services business in Naples. This will help you discover the appropriate employees to complete the exhausting cleaning work.

When you hire a House Cleaning Company in Naples, you expect the ultimate in Housekeeping services .

Maintain your house of office immaculate and comfortable through the professional Cleaning Services in Naples offered by this trusted company. Visit us on Google+

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